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To People That Want To Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives

But Don’t Know What Else To Do

Learn How To Get Into Fantastic Shape

EVEN If You Are Just Starting Out

Where do you start, and what do you do?

You start here at Progressive Performance! We have the solution for you. Try us out for 28 days so you can see what we are all about before making a longer term commitment.  As part of our 28 day kick start you will receive:

  • 8 small group personal training sessions (shared with 2-5 other adults). 
  • One 60 minute private movement assessment session to make sure you are doing the exercises that are right for you. 
  • One awesome community to train with.
  • Custom workout modifications and nutrition advice along the way. 

If you decide you don’t want to continue after the 28 days, no problem, simply walk away with no further obligation. In fact, if you feel that you did not improve your fitness in any way, strength, flexibility, body composition, confidence or feeling better about yourself, there is a 100% money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for?

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Here at Progressive Performance we help men and women 25 years and older get strong, gain confidence, and build their ideal bodies. Whatever goal you have, to trim some fat, gain some muscle or do things you thought you could never do again, this is the place for you. Through a customized plan, proven science-based no BS approach to fitness, and a great coach to keep you accountable,  we get you the results you want fast. Results that will change your life.

Just imagine what it would be like to see results each week. The kinds of results that will leave you saying “Wow I never thought that was possible.” Or will leave your friends saying:

“You look great! What have you been doing?”

Think of how good it will feel to be able to able to walk around with confidence, to be proud of the body you have built. To walk around with your head high and not have to suck in your stomach for family pictures anymore.

Or how about, having more energy to do the things that matter to you, having the confidence to take up that hobby that you just thought you would physically never be able to do.

Feeling comfortable in a bathing suit, putting on that old shirt you wore in high school and finding out that it fits again. Having to buy new clothes because those summer shorts are just too big.

Those are just SOME of the experiences people, like you, have ALL the time; so why not try it out?

Who will be coaching me?

         Jimmy McCurry, CSCS-                     Owner/ Head Coach

         Jimmy McCurry, CSCS-                     Owner/ Head Coach

You might be wondering "Who the heck is this guy and how can he help me?" 

My name is Jimmy McCurry and I am a strength coach, a business owner,  powerlifter, lover of science, and lover of animals. 

I am a trainer that has been at this game for 9 years now. Over that time I have earned a degree in Kinesiology and multiple certifications, most notably the certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).  Using a science based approach to fitness I have been able to help hundreds of people achieve their strength and fitness goals, as well as achieve things they never thought possible. 

I was a wrestler in high school. I was probably the worst wrestler you have ever seen. I had some extra body fat and was not very athletic but I kept working hard. Over the years I was able to advance through the sport and change my body through deliberate practice and strength training. By the time I was a senior, I was team captain and the coaches decided to name an award after me at the high school. The feeling that I got from working hard and achieving so much is a feeling I want to give everyone.

Going trough that transformation gave me the passion and drive to help others experience that same feeling. That they have accomplished something they never dreamed possible. Whether that be performing daily activities pain free and with ease, competing in your first marathon or powerlifting meet, or looking better than you ever have I'm here to help you. 

It is that moment of realization from each client when they have achieved more than they even set out to do in the first place. That is why I do this.


Not only the confidence that comes with knowing that you are doing each exercise correctly and most efficiently, but the confidence that

Getting your life back
You will be able to do things you never thought you would be able to do again.

Results you can see and feel
Whether it’s your pants getting looser, the workouts getting easier or being able to go through daily life without worrying about pain or having to catch your breath. As you continue to come in you will get closer and closer and closer to your goals.

Fun and Excitement
For a lot of members, the gym becomes a home away from home. They are excited to come to the gym, see the friends they have made and see what their bodies can do today.

Keeping you on the path to success. Not only motivations from me as a trainer, but from the other members who want you to succeed.

Real Peope, Real Results

"Jimmy is an amazing and inspiring trainer full of heart. He takes the time to listen and cater his game plan to fit exactly what you need to be successful. He helped me lose 100+ pounds and I could not be more grateful."


"I can't say I am the picture of health, but six months ago I needed to use my forearms under the handles of this large enameled cast iron pan I use to get it from my stove to the sink and back. Then one day I realized I was holding it with one hand while doing something else with the other and once I realized I almost cried. I'd like to thank Jimmy for helping me become strong enough to make life a little easier. "


"I've worked with trainers for many years, but could never quite understand the movements; I felt like I was fighting my own body. After working with Jimmy, I finally felt like I could move the way my body was intended to. I feel more confident in the weight room and actually enjoy exercises that I used to dread."

"When I started with Jimmy, I didn't expect that he would eliminate the shoulder pain that the cortisone shots and physical therapy failed to reduce. Now, I have a full range of motion and no pain. I am sleeping through the night without my shoulder waking me up. That feels great!"

“Working with Jimmy, I never felt judged or shamed for being overweight. Jimmy provided me with the tools and support needed to make real, sustainable, life changes. When I look at myself in the mirror, I am proud to see how much I have achieved, how much I have changed and know that I am only going to get healthier and stronger.”

Functional Movement and Postural Assessment
We use the latest in science based movement assessment to evaluate everything from specific muscle strength to proper breathing patterns. This allows us to give you a custom warm up that fits with your goals and your specific postural issues. This includes one private 60 minute on day one to kick things off the right way. 

Progressive Programming
There is a continuum to fitness and everyone has to find their own place on this scale. We dial in this point for you over your first few weeks so you are getting the results you want and are are getting the right workout for you. This includes 8 small group training sessions limited to 6 clients in one class so you get the attention you need. 

Cardio Prescription
Whether you are coming in for a early morning cardio express class or are doing cardio on your own heart health and cardiorespiratory fitness is important for recover from workout as well as overall health. You will be given a protocol to follow on the days you don’t come to the gym to get you the best results in the shortest time.

28 DAY KICK START - $199

*Pick from any of the green colored session on our schedule, they are filling up fast so reach out today to make sure you get the sessions that work the best in your schedule. 



+ How much does this program cost?

This Kick Start program costs $199 for 28 Days of training. With this program you get eight 60 minute small group training sessions and one private one-on-one training session.

+ What should I be doing outside the gym?

Your coach will talk to you about what training you should be doing to supplement our workouts here at the gym. Most new clients start off with three 30 minute sessions of low intensity cardio per week on their own. After that we will advance your cardiovascular program on a case by case basis.

+ What is the cost of your programs after the Kick Start?

Long term programs range in price depending on what we see fit for your goals. Our most popular program is our twelve month commitment program that costs $249 per month for eight sessions a month. Our next most popular is our 12 times per month program and that cost $359 per month.

+ How does the nutrition program work?

Nutrition questions are always welcome in group, this spurs on some good conversations so that every client learns a little something from the questions you ask. Nutrition advice will be given at all times. If you have a question just ask. Specific nutrition guidance is an additional $50 per month for coaching access online and an initial $55 upfront cost for a one-on-one meeting where we go over everything you need to know about nutrition and set up your eating goals.

+ Is this like CrossFit?

No, in a CrossFit session there could be anywhere from 10-40 participants for one coach with a workout program that is NOT tailored to you. Here at Progressive Performance we believe that the workout should fit each person's individual needs not just giving everyone the same exact workout. We also believe that the coach to client ratio is very important for proper progression and individualization, this is why we have a 6 to 1 client to coach ratio so you get all the attention you need without feeling awkward as some one-on-one sessions can feel.

+ I am really out of shape or dealing with an injury is this place for me?

We work with all kinds of people here at Progressive Performance. We have worked with members from 18 years old to 80 years old in our Kick Start Program. The workouts are tailored for your abilities. We have also worked with people recovering from all kinds of injuries from total knee replacements to sprained ankles, we fit the training to you not the other way around.

+ What can I expect from the workouts? What kind of equipment will I be using?

We find the best way to get results is to get the body moving the right way. You will notice we don’t have any fancy machines or cardio equipment here. We base our workouts around body weight and free weight exercise. We are a strength training gym so that is our main focus to get you STRONG, and this is the best way to do it. You will come in complete your personalized warm up, which will be created for you during your first session, then your workout for the day will be written on the whiteboard. That workout will be modified according to our evaluation and what you are capable of doing. Our coaches will never give you something to do that you cannot successfully accomplish while still pushing you to get better every session.

+ Is the training personalized for me?

Sessions will be personalized for where you are at in our system. There are five levels of progression for each lift and you will move through those levels over time, keeping you challenged and engaged.

+ I have never worked out before will I be able to “keep up”?

Our workouts are tailored for your abilities. Progressive Performance we successfully train 80 year old post knee replacement clients and competitive powerlifters in the same session, and they both reach their goals.

+ What do I need to bring or wear?

You will just need loose fitting clothes and a water bottle. During your first private session you will not sweat much because we are just performing your baseline movement assessments. After that we will work hard and get some great workouts in. If you forget your water bottle we have bottled water for sale here at the gym.

+ How do I schedule my first appointment?

Just fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you with you shortly.


If you are ready to make a change and commit to your fitness...

get strong,
get confident,
build your ideal body,

this is for you!


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