What is the Total Club?

In powerlifting, your total is the total amount of weight you can lift for your squat, bench, and deadlift. The total club is comprised of Progressive Performance clients (general clients and powerlifters), who have reached total milestones. Check out these awesome, strong lifters!

500lb Club

Deb Williams, 62
Squat: 200/ Bench: 80 /  Deadlift: 220

Deb has been training with Coach Jimmy for over 3 years, but has just recently come into her strength. Deb can deadlift twice her body weight, which is pretty dang strong for a female lifter.

Deb is a pretty amazing woman having survived colon cancer twice and being able to achieve all this strength at the age of 62 is no easy feat.

Natascha Karlova, 35
Squat: 231 / Bench: 115 / Deadlift: 305

Natascha has been training strength training at Progressive Performance for almost two years, and has made major increases in her lifts. She is a competitive powerlifter.

Natascha is a new mother in Woodinville to 4 month old Aurora. She continued weight training all the way up until the last week of her pregnancy and is now back in the gym getting stronger everyday.


Tory Wallace-Sigurdson, 45
Squat: 230 / Bench: 105 / Deadlift: 315

Tory has been training with Coach Jimmy for 4 years. Tory is a life-long fitness enthusiast, who has competed in triathlons, marathons, powerlifting, and bodybuilding contests.  We are very proud to say that Tory is also the former holder of the squat, deadlift and overall total record for her age and weight class.

Tory is a strength coach her self and helps all kinds of clients at Eastside Gym in Redmond. 

Hayley Kanaly, 47
Squat: 160/ Bench: 120 / Deadlift: 225

Hayley has been training with Progressive Performance for 3 years. She does not compete, she just enjoys being her strongest.

When Hayley first came to Progressive Performance she said she was not going to be a powerlifter. Now she enjoys lifting heavy and loves seeing progress week to week.

Hayley is a Woodinville mother of three Kerby, Will and Sydney. 

Jamie Lindstrom, 26
Squat: 215 / Bench: 105 / Deadlift: 265

Jamie has been strength training for less than a year and is participating in her very first powerlifting contest this August. A former soccer player, Jamie fell in love with lifting weights this year and is a natural; she has been able to increase her squat max by 40lbs in about 2.5 months. 

Jamie is a vet tech at VCA animal hospital where she helps local cats and dogs get well again. She also trains dog behavior. 


Kelsey Edwards, 18
Squat: 190 / Bench: 95 / Deadlift: 220

Kelsey is the youngest member of the 500lb club, and has been training with Coach Jimmy for almost 5 years.

Kelsey trains with the adult groups as well as the youth training groups as she gets along with everyone. She is a former dancer and was a cheerleader for Inglemoor Highschool. She will be attending SPU in the fall.

750lb Club

Analeah (Leah) Williams, 30
Squat: 280 / Bench: 150/ Deadlift: 363.8

Leah has been training with Coach Jimmy for over 3 years. She has competed in one strongman contest and is a competitive powerlifter. She is the strongest female lifter at the gym and is on track to squat over 300, and deadlift over 400 by the end of the year.

Leah also has some serious talent when it comes to graphic design and technical training.  When she isn't lifting, she enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and cat Slinky Joe.

1000lb Club

Tommy Massey, 40
Squat: 390 / Bench: 315 / Deadlift: 455

Tommy has been training with Progressive Performance for just over a year. He will be competing in his first powerlifting contest this August.

Tommy lives in Bothell and is a father of three. He works long hours and travels a lot working as Territory Sales Manager for First Choice Medical Supply. Tommy was recently named Associate Business Governor for the WHCA.

Mark Eisen, 29
Squat: 385 / Bench: 290 / Deadlift: 415

Mark has been training with Coach Jimmy for over 3 years. He has competed in one strongman contest, and will be competing in his first powerlifting contest this August.

Mark works at the local Costco and owns a beautiful home here in Woodinville.  When Mark isn't lifting, he enjoys playing video games, reading novels, and eating.

Eric Maynard, 34
Squat: 405 / Bench: 315 / Deadlift: 440

Eric has been training with Progressive Performance for just over a year. He has lost 30lbs and enjoys being his strongest.

Eric works for Valley Siding here in Woodinville and lives with his girlfriend in Monroe. He enjoys hunting and all around craftsmanship.