If you are a man, ready to make a change and commit to your fitness, gain the most muscle possible,

get strong,

get confident,

and build your ideal body,

this challenge is for you!

We are excited to announce our 6 week Mansformation Challenge!

So many men start a fitness program with aspirations of gaining muscle and getting strong, but these programs fall short and leave men frustrated because they just don't get the results they want.  There are 3 big reasons why this happens:

  • Poor Programming/ Nutrition  
  • Lack of Commitment 
  • Lack of Community 

As part of the Mansformation Challenge we take care of all of theses issues with: 

  • Hardcore power building programming (powerlifting/ bodybuilding focus) that changes as you get stronger 
  • Nutrition education and a plan built out for you
  • A group of guys that have the same goals that will push you to be better 
  • Accountability to the group and to your coach every step of the way
  • 18 small group training sessions (hosted at 7pm Monday Tuesday and Thursday Starting April 18th)


Not only are you getting the hardcore programming and community from Progressive Performance Strength Coach Jimmy McCurry but just by entering the challenge you could win $500 cash. The man who adds the most strength over the course of this 6 week challenge will be declared "The Man" and will win $500 cash 


Important Dates

April 18th
7pm Orientation #1 (Nutrition Seminar), Strength testing starts

April 18th
Start of challenge

May 20th

Strength testing and after party at Rooney Food and Spirits in Woodinville 




New Members: $399 That's only $22 per session a $180 savings and a chance to win and everything above included.  
Current Members: $100 buy-in or increase training sessions for 2 months. 

So what are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose?

These 6 weeks are going to go by either way, why not get stronger?

Transform your body today!

Register Here

This challenge is limited to 6 men and will not open again for another 6 months so Act Now

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