The 7 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Get The Body You Want

There are a lot of reasons why people struggle to reach their strength and fitness goals. These are just a few of the common reasons I see with my clients. These are easy to fix in theory, but need some revisiting over time. Refer back to this list regularly to help make sure you are on track. A lot of time it comes down to your willingness to put the work in, and if you are ready to do what it takes this list if for you.   


      1) You have not made a commitment to yourself.

The first thing you have to do when trying to attain the body you've always wanted is to commit. If you are not doing it for yourself then who for? Your spouse? Your kids? Approval from others? Your health is important and it should be important enough to you to make healthy changes in your life without seeking the approval of others; that is how you make real changes.


      2) You want a quick fix.

20lbs in 20 days weight loss programs, all the shakes and crazy diets that are out there are all just quick fixes that don’t really fix anything. The extra weight won’t come off overnight and you are not going to get back in shape in 20 days. Most of my clients are pretty happy with their progress along the way but most are not truly to where they want to be until they have been training for about 6 months.


      3) You jump from one diet and training program to the next.

You jump from program to program and diet to diet because nothing seems to work fast enough for you. Maybe the training program is boring or the diet is not everything you want it to be. Some of the most effective programs and diets are boring as hell, but that doesn’t mean they won't work for you. You just have to pick one and stick to it for at least 12 weeks before switching. I know 12 weeks sounds like a long time but that is what it is going to take.


      4) You haven’t hired a coach.

Hiring a coach can make a huge difference in your ability to achieve your goals. They keep you accountable and plan out programs so you don’t have to think about what you are doing, you just have to execute it. Even coaches know the value of coaches. I have multiple coaches for my own training and my business. Finding a good coach is very important and can skyrocket your results.


     5) You are worried about how to stay motivated.

Do you want to die early? Then fine don’t take your health into your own hands and continue to do nothing about it. That right there should be enough to motivate you to stick with a plan and get things going. Plus, if you work really hard at it, you will also come out with a pretty damn good looking body.


      6) You have no idea what you are eating.

A majority of people have no idea what they are eating or how much. There is a big emphasis on the how much because that makes a huge difference, more than the what. You have to know how many calories, protein, carbs, fats and fiber you are eating in a day. Watch this video here to learn more on this topic or just ask me and we can go into detail.


      7) You are not exercising the right way.

There is a big craze around big group aerobics classes like yoga, piyo, BODYPUMP, Zumba, you name it. Now, I am not saying these things don’t have their place, but if you are not doing any strength training and increasing the weight a little each time you lift, then you are not utilizing your time the best way in the gym. Weight training is the one form of exercise that everyone needs to be doing if they want to get and stay healthy and get the body they want. You are not going to build muscle even in a BODYPUMP class, so learn how to pick up some heavy shit; your body will thank you.


This is not an all inclusive list, but if you look at this list and start checking off the things on this list over time,  and refer back to it when you are falling back into old habits, you will do well on your fitness journey. I see so many not achieve the results they could be because of more than a few of these reasons, don’t let that be you.

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