Hannah Cottnair

"I started working with Jimmy about three years ago with my soccer team for group training, then went on to one on one training, to further improve my athletic ability. I got  stronger than I thought I could be, and my performance on the soccer field improved as I continued to work with him. I became faster, and a very well-rounded athlete as it helped me with all sports. Jimmy is  great coach who has made all my workouts fun, and made me feel comfortable and safe in the gym."

Mark Eisen

"In July 2013 I decided I was unhappy with my body and what it was capable of, but I didn't know where to start. Then one day a friend at work invited me to workout with him and his trainer at his gym, and I haven't looked back since. When I started training with Progressive Performance, I couldn't lift much and got tired very easily. As I continued to train I got stronger and stronger. I looked and felt the best I ever have in my life. Eventually, I even competed in a strongman competition. Progressive Performance changed my life."

Leah Williams

"Working with Jimmy, I never felt judged or shamed for being overweight. Jimmy provided me with the tools and support needed to make real, sustainable life changes. When I look at myself in the mirror now, I am no longer ashamed of what I have done to my body; I am proud to see how much I have achieved, how much I have changed. I know that I am only going to get healthier and stronger.

Jimmy is truly special and has cultivated this amazing community of people around him who make an awesome support structure to help get everyone to their personal goals. He has given us the invaluable gift of health and happiness."


C.J. Thayer

"It all started when my parents saw that I was frustrated with my current level of fitness. They decided to buy me a 1 hour personal training session with Jimmy. He armed me with the knowledge to exercise safely and to maximal effect, allowing me to avoid injuries and gain the knowledge I needed to continue to progress. I've never been more confident. Jimmy helped me to transcend both the mental and physical limits I had put on myself my whole life.

My perspective on life has changed completely in the brief amount of time I've worked with Jimmy McCurry. If you want to ignite the fire in you, break the mold, achieve your goals and transcend your limits; talk to Jimmy. I could not give a higher recommendation."

mark bench.jpg