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Progressive Performance is a personal training and strength and conditioning company owned and operated by Jimmy McCurry, CSCS in Woodinville, Washington. Jimmy believes that everyone is on a continuum and that there is a place for everyone in the fitness world. Progressive Performance provides a great exercise option for anyone, from any walk of life. We have a program for the everyday athlete, or stay at home mom, programs are specific to your needs. We focus on small group personal training for adults, youth athletic performance training and also provide private personal training. No matter who you are, if you are rehabilitating an injury, have a fat loss goal, want to get ready for that summer backpacking trip, or you want to get bigger faster and stronger for sports performance, there is a place for you at Progressive Performance.

Find your fitness with Progressive Performance!   Stop by the gym today we would be happy to have you!


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 Jump Start Program






Youth Sports PerformanceProgram

Sports performance training is focused on athletes between the ages of 12 and 19, though all youth athletes are welcome.